2020 Hot Wheels Concours at Pasadera

Second annual Concours at Pasadera launches Car Week 2020 with collector cars, motorcycles, and Hot Wheels!


August 7 2020, the first-ever Hot Wheels Concours will be part of the Pasadera event, inviting both younger and older exhibitors to present their collections for awards. Guests also will enjoy an exceptional culinary experience, with the event benefiting countywide charitable causes.

The famous toy from Mattel has become hugely collectible, with fans unearthing pieces that could belong in an investment portfolio. For the 2020 event, the Hot Wheels Concours will present scale-model cars (1967-2020) owned by exhibitors from around the world. Famed collector Bruce Pascal will exhibit a selection of his prized models, one of which will be the famous 1969 Beach Bomb valued at $175,000.

Life-sized Hot Wheels cars also will be a part of this incredible event. The Concours at Pasadera will feature five exciting categories for entrants: Vintage Hot Wheels (manufactured between 1968-1977 with red lines on the tires); Classics (1978-1994); Modern Classics (1995-2020, including the 1995 “Treasure Hunt” launch); Customized (manufacturing dates open); and Special Exhibition (rare examples accepted by the jury). A Best of Show will be awarded, chosen by attending guests by popular vote, given to the piece that best represents the spirit of the show and its exhibitor.

Each Hot Wheels exhibitor will receive a selected Hot Wheels vehicle as a gift from the Concours committee.


Class Awards


Exhibitors will receive 1 selected Hot Wheels model, designated with a “2020 Hot Wheels Concours at Pasadera” plate.

Exhibitors will present 3 of their favorite cars from their collection by completing the application form.  Their application will be reviewed by the Jury.  Note:  Each vehicle must submit 2 pictures, 1 of the body and 1 of the undercarriage.  Once approved, the Exhibitor will be notified.

Special Exhibitor

Exhibitors in this category will receive the Special Exhibitor Award by Tiffany and Co.  Up to 3 pieces may be submitted for acceptance by the Jury. Once approved, the Exhibitor will be notified.

Elliot Handler Award 

Chosen by the three-member panel as the most significant exhibition piece at the show.  The Award is created by Tiffany and Co.

2020 Hot Wheels Concours Trophy 

Chosen by the Head Judge as the car best representing the spirit of the 2020 event.  The Award is created by Tiffany and Co.

Best of Show Award  

Chosen by popular vote, cast by guests and officials attending the event.  The Award is created by Tiffany and Co.

Jury Members (Preview)
3 individuals responsible for the vetting selection of the submitted applications

Judging Members (Preview)
individuals responsible for the Concours Day review and selection of Best in Class Awards

Exhibitor Fee

Class Award: $25 (Up to 3 exhibits in this category will be accepted per exhibitor)

Special Exhibitor: $75 (Up to 3 exhibits in this category will be accepted per exhibitor)

Note: These will be chosen by the Jury as Iconic Collectibles. Each accepted Special Exhibitor piece will receive a special Hot Wheels Concours at Pasadera Award by Tiffany and Co. Limited to 30 exhibits on display in this category.


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