Meet Billy Karam, with the largest model car collection in the world!

Former Lebanese race car champion Nabil Karam entered the Guinness Book of Records five times as the owner of the largest collection of mini sports cars which currently stands at 37,777 and Diorama models which stands at 577.

Karam, who is known by the nickname Billy, showcases his mini sport car collection at the Billy Karam Museum for mini cars in Lebanon and has become a destination for visitors from all ages after it entered the Guinness Book of Records five times, the latest being in 2017. Guinness confirmed that this museum has no other match in the world.


Karem is also a HUGE SUPPORTER of hobbyDB and the Model Car Hall Of Fame!






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2 years ago

Officially Amazing!
Thanks for the write-up A!

Alejandro Eguren
1 year ago

Billy is a huge collector, the greatest in the World, with his 37,777 models. With my 1,926 model cars, I own a collection which amounts only to 5% of his. This makes me proud and very happy, because although only 5%, I am competing with the N°1 miniature car collector of the World!