Meet Mike McKittrick! Mattel employee from 1968-1995

Mike McKittrick talks about his long career at Mattel that started in the in May of 1968. It was his job straight out of High School and he found himself on the factory floor in Hawthorne, CA. Come hear stories about the earliest days of Hot Wheels and his career at Mattel that spanned all […]

This Hot Wheels collector has it all! (Almost…)

For Eric Elrod there is nothing cooler than Hot Wheels. You know, those miniature die-cast customized cars that Mattel began making for Generation X-ers back in 1968? The company has produced more than 6 billion of the 1:64 scale toy cars over the past 53 years. And you could be a lucky grownup if you […]

Takanobu Ochiai’s Collection is a Trip Back into Early Diecast History

Hideaki Tanaka is an enthusiastic model car collector and manages the Mini Auto Club of Japan (MACJ).  In a series of blog posts he will tell us more about models made in Japan, the Club and its members.  Read them all here.   Takanobu Ochiai One of our members, Takanobu Ochiai, had one of the […]


            ADAM GRAPES Auburn-Cords-Doozie HISTORIAN     A second resin/acetate Classic Cord has also been found. This one features a fully painted body in white, a black roof and silver windshield/sidepipes/bumper details. The body details are slightly different than the raw version showing continued work on the final concept. There […]