Hot Wheels Redlines— the Ferrari 312P, 1970

Casting: Ferrari 312P   Years of Production: 1970   Country of Origin: US and Hong Kong   Casting Variations:The base on the HK version has four rectangular holes in it. The body lines can be found as raised lines (outy) or indented lines (inny).   Interior Colors: Black is normal White is found in some […]

“The Over Chrome Jewels” Hot Wheels Redlines rarest of the rare.

HIDDEN HOT WHEELS JEWELS Gold Over Chrome OHS Custom Mustang   When Hot Wheels were introduced just over 50 years ago in 1968, the immediate success was beyond what Mattel (the manufacturer) had expected. And unlike most toys, Hot Wheels are still being made decades later, and selling annually in record volume. Over 6 billion […]

Redline Wheel Guide

Wheel Guide There were three basic designs of wheels used on Hot Wheels cars during the redline era from 1969 to 1977. “Bearing Wheels” : 1968 to 1970 “Capped Wheels” : 1969 to 1972 “Thru Hole” or “One Piece” : 1973 to 1977 Bearing Wheel System The bearing wheel system was the system designed for […]

Hot Wheels Pantograph Patterns

Before the advent of computerized methods of making diecasting molds, the mold was cut using a 3 dimensional pantograph machine. Each casting was modeled in a larger scale, called “4 Up” pattern which was used by the pantograph operator to create the die casting tool/mold. “How Hot Wheels are made” from the 1981 Collector’s Book […]