Spectraflame Colors

The shades and variations in the spectraflame colors is a source of pleasure and misery for Hot Wheels collectors. The huge number of variables make the determination of color a challenging and contentious issue and quite often leads to great disagreement over the “true” color of a spectraflame car. Just a few of the variables that […]

Twin Cities collectors have serious drive to accumulate Hot Wheels: ‘They’re pieces of art’

    Adult collectors are obsessed with the tiny cars, hoarding them by the hundreds, selling rare ones for thousands.     Hot Wheels collector Ryan Wurzbacher has nearly 1,000 of the first cars issued, in 1968, framed in his Andover home.   On a Saturday morning in the middle of December, a couple dozen […]

Hot Wheels Redline (FEP) Test 1969 CLASSIC WOODY. Own a piece of Hot Wheels HISTORY!

    Hot Wheels Redline (FEP) Test CLASSIC WOODY Unspun Unpainted Unstaked   This car is a genuine original 1969 Mattel Hot Wheels ’31 Ford Classic Woody “Final Engineering Pilot” Test car and verified by a very well-known ex-Mattel Hot Wheels employee. They called them FEP cars. This car has a Unspun rear body post, […]

Redline Era Promotions

*posted with permission from the onlineredlineguide     Beginning as early as 1968, Mattel promoted the Hot Wheels brand by partnering with other companies for promotional offerings of Hot Wheels.     1968 Hi C Mail-In Offer In 1968, Hi C, a sugar laced fruit punch, hosted a mail-in offer for one of four 1968 […]