Bruce Pascal on Early Hot Wheels Prototypes

Bruce Pascal talks about early Mattel Hot Wheels Prototypes. As kids, a lot of us had a dedicated play room for our toys. But it’s a rare thing to see a grown man who still has a room dedicated to his Hot Wheels. Then again, if you had Bruce Pascal’s collection, you’d probably devote a […]


___________________________________________ Hot Wheels came out in 1968 when Bruce was just 7 years old. He was hooked then as a child, and the love affair with Hot Wheels started over again in 1999 when his mother gave him a cigar box with his childhood cars. Within 6 months of that day, he jumped at the […]

How Chevy Invented Hot Wheels

How Chevy Invented Hot Wheels The history of Hot Wheels is inextricably linked to Chevrolet, as deep-pocketed super collectors like Bruce Pascal can tell you. Hot Wheels® might be the best-selling toy brand of all time, with a total production of more than 6 billion cars since the brand’s founding in 1968. That doesn’t just […]

Hot Wheels Redlines— the Ferrari 312P, 1970

Casting: Ferrari 312P   Years of Production: 1970   Country of Origin: US and Hong Kong   Casting Variations:The base on the HK version has four rectangular holes in it. The body lines can be found as raised lines (outy) or indented lines (inny).   Interior Colors: Black is normal White is found in some […]