1969 – Topper Johnny Lightning Models from the First Year – Custom GTO

1969: Custom GTO Casting Variations: The Custom GTO body has two main variations:   Opening Door Sealed Door Paint Colors: The Custom GTO came in a wide variety of colors, some featuring a flat black roof and black grille:   Color Chart in development – TBA Interior: The interior is a plastic piece.   White […]

What put the Hot in Hot Wheels?

In January 1945, while World War II still raged, Elliot and Ruth Handler joined a partner, Harold “Matt” Matson, to start a company in the Handlers’ garage in Los Angeles. Matson and Elliot combined their nicknames to come up with Mattel Creations. The young company produced picture frames, later adding dollhouse furniture made from the […]

The collectors who spend thousands on rare Hot Wheels

Every year, Mattel sells nearly $1B worth of new toy cars to kids. But on the secondary market, adult collectors and dealers reign supreme.     By day, Bruce Pascal is a successful commercial real estate executive who brokers multimillion-dollar deals in the nation’s capital. By night, he buys $5k Hot Wheels cars on eBay. […]


  TTP has for many years been the GO TO site for all your Diecast needs (20+!) and with the rise in popularity with VINTAGE HOT WHEELS REDLINES, we decided to “give back” to our members that have made TTP what it is today. TTP now offers FREE REDLINE LISTING. How long this special continues, […]