Unfortunately, amassing a collection won’t come cheap. Each NFC-enabled vehicle will cost $7, though they are better constructed than the $1 blister-packed cars you often find in bins at your local toy store. The Race Portal that lets you scan and track the cars will be sold on its own for $40 with two exclusive vehicles included. But if you really want to go the distance with Hot Wheels ID, the Smart Track set comes with all the USB-connected pieces plus two exclusive vehicles, and that will run you $180. It even comes in a box that was designed to be used for longterm storage.

You can pick all of these up at the Apple Store today, as well as download the iOS app in the App Store. Android users will get their chance at ID next month on Prime Day, when the app launches on Amazon and Google Play. People who’d rather buy this in a non-Apple physical store will also get a shot when it reaches Target starting in the fall.