Using The Toy Peddler vs. eBay

An eBay seller recently shared what he paid on eBay and I was floored, 22.62%?

I was wondering what that person was doing and asked, he said no extras, just plain BIN listings and send me the invoice to proof it  –


When I looked at the average of all fees paid by all sellers on TTP last year it was 7.3% and we have started to promote your listings also heavily on Facebook and Instagram (you can advertise your listings on eBay as well but only against additional fees!).

Here is how I see the two sites  –

  • TTP is less than a third of the cost selling on eBay with items over $1,000 only carrying a 1% fee!)
  • We do mostly Diecast and nothing but collectible toys
  • We are nice to both buyers and sellers
  • We are super fast in replying to your concerns and solving them (I know I have no social life…)



*An edit for today, December 22, 2019.


So, my buying with eBay had pretty much ended with the earlier new sales tax change. However—its the Christmas season, and I found something on eBay that would be a PERFECT gift for a loved one, as its a “one of”…not to be found elsewhere. I decided to just go ahead and buy it.

Of course, I forgot about the tax—and the price I had just paid was “fair”.  But after the taxes— had I remembered…

…I probably would have passed on the item.


Here are my “ORDER DETAILS”…..just look at the extra taxes!



That really hurt, especially this time of the year. So its back to TTP with my Diecast list…

We don’t want to encourage people to not pay their taxes, but eBay has been tax free since the beginning…and we were used to it. Laws targeting marketplace sales first hit the scene in 2017, shortly after Amazon started collecting sales tax in all sales tax states. There are now 34 States where sellers have to pay Sales Tax (and on Jan 1 there will be 38) even if you sell only one item. Taxes are eventual, but in the mean time….I’m sticking with TTP and hobbyDB.



I would love to hear what eBay charges you or what you think.  Please leave a comment below!








19 thoughts on “Using The Toy Peddler vs. eBay


  2. The invoice doesn’t show how many listings were made or the dollar amount of each item. If those were shown it would be better proof. It is basically just an invoice showing fees charged.

  3. I’d rather not have the auction option – I can’t always be online when the auction ends- I prefer buying something right away anyway

  4. Toy peddler is a great site. Yes Anita it is less cost to list here and if the item intersects with the buyer on the first listing it’s a no brainer. TTP is the best, but the conveyor moves the listing to the back so fast that you have to constantly relist to be seen. The cost works out the same or more in those cases. Lower relisting fees to 5, 10 & 20 cents and you would have more relists and more sales. Seller would not have to raise the price to cover relist, buyer would pay less, More sales for TTP. 360 win for all. Also you can call eBay for help with any issue. Not with Toy peddler and 90% of the time they ignore the help tickets or ask a follow up then ignore the reply. Customer Service was better when Paul was the boss. Get rid of the mouse over view. I used to click the listing to read. That’s when I decide to buy. Now I can ignore it. Also make the info adds free again. If these things happened I and others would bring my ebay customers back to TTP

    1. Hey Casey! There are some changes coming later in the year to TTP.. but I agree with many things you have mentioned. Did you know the last weekend of every month TTP has the .10 cent re-list special? And yes on any given category, there are 24 items per page. If its a popular page, those newly listed get buried pretty quickly, and other slower categories, like the Redlines… you can have your items on the front page for quite some time. I know also on eBay there can be up to 200 items per page, but also I believe on eBay you can lose front page even quicker than TTP. What we could possibly address is a greater number of new listings per page. Thank you for the suggestion!
      As for customer service… I was hired on earlier this year as customer service, and I can guarantee any issue is taken care of “usually” within an hour or two of submitting an issue. Or at least close to that time— I try my best. I’m not much with the “technical” side of things, but am quick to pass on issues and make sure they are taken care of quickly. I promise a more “human” feel with customers service, I was a dear friend of Pauls, and also a seller on TTP from the early days. I know what it feels to be on the seller side when it comes to “issues”. Feel free to contact me at anytime with ANY issues . As for the “mouse-over” —-it’s a new feature that is in testing stage… there is a chance it will go away, stay tuned! Info adds being free… I will bring that up, please contact me Casey soon and I will let you know what “the powers that be” have to say about that…we may get lucky!

  5. I just retired, so as my Hobby, I’m getting into Customizing, well, as long as it pays for itself, and my wife lets me have the time to do it…. I’m not thrilled with the cost’s of ebay either, but I have no other place to sell Customs. I was hoping to get a few cars into the L.A. Convention contest, but it was sold out before I even knew about it, so I don’t know anything about the market, or people that are into this.

    Are you ever going to have a Custom Category ?


    1. Randy! TTP has always had a “KUSTOMS” category! Look carefully at all of our categories and I am sure you will find it… looking forward to seeing your list. Contact me at when you decide to sell, and I can hook you up with some FREE credits to try selling your customs! And I do a VERY good job of promoting items on both Facebook and Instagram.. so if you want your customs to be seen worldwide by the Diecast community … list those cars on TTP!

  6. As for customer service. I can honestly say that anytime i have had something i needed help with i got it. Fast response to any issue i brought up. Not only by Anita (One of the best) but by others on the staff at hobbyDB which now owns TTP. I may not always agree with the answer but at least i get a reply.

  7. We sell on both sights and seem to sell more on Ebay where as toy peddler seems to be hit and miss will continue to deal with both sights

  8. i only use e bay when selling stuff pretty much no one wants or when i really dont know an asking price on something. i bought a collection in 2016 and sold most on TTP but when junk was left and TTP had no takers then i put it on e bay and it went quick. you can always find someone on e bay to buy junk. i feel TTP is running very well now and can only put in 2 things id like to see for now. 1 is for faster responses to questions and number 2 is a way i could search MY OWN SALES for certain cars i sold in the past so i can relist easy and quick when getting another of the same car or get references from myself on what & how i advertised it in the past. now im having to scan down the entire list and thats an impossible task most of the time, besides what im looking for might have been sold 9 years earlier and it will take all day to find it. 1 more thing… like for the search bar to be able to do searches with lets say 5 words AT LEAST instead of only 3

    1. Hi John.. for super fast responses… email me directly at: —-I will get back to you in record time.

      As for searching your own sales… STAY TUNED… big changes coming, and I will be sure to forward your feedback to the “powers that be”….

  9. Part of the reason that some are not finding the KUSTOMS section is the way it is spelled. I have noticed that the SEARCH engine uses EXACT spellings. Using the word CUSTOMS would be better, I feel. I understand that KUSTOMS is spelled this way to kind of sync with the actual meaning of the word and is fun, but, it’s probably counterproductive.

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