Meet hobbyDB’s Newest Backers! Part 1: The Industry Insiders!

We’re thrilled to have so many new shareholders from so many different walks of life! Some are site super-users, others are people who have worked in the collectibles industry for years and love what we’re doing for collectors! Today we’re featuring some of the latter; a few industry stakeholders who believe in the hobbyDB mission and are now happy to be part of it as shareholders! Oh, and stay tuned to the hobbyDB blog because on Friday we’re featuring some of our amazing users and their even more amazing collections!

If you’re still thinking about whether owning a piece of hobbyDB would be right for you, don’t take our word for it! Get to know some of our newest shareholders from the industry and see what some of them have to say…


Adam Goldberg
Creator & Producer of The Goldbergs

“When you own an 80’s toy collection that could fill the trailers of 10 life-size Optimus Primes, you start to get a little hazy on what items you have and what you still need. I love the hobbyDB concept because it’s perfect for helping me keep track by documenting my collection!”


Andy Goodman
Organizer of the Central Pennsylvania’s Collector Con (& many car shows)

“You have my support, just completed the process with a small investment- least I can do is give back a little to such a great resource that has helps me track my collection for free – having some 1200 pops now it is impossible to remember all that I have and don’t.”


Anita Smith
Founder of Chickluu’s Redline Forum (& Operator of our site The Toy Peddler)

“Because I truly believe hobbyDB is the future for collectors… IT IS!”


Arthur Ward
Book Author on Airfix & Founder of Collecting Friends

“I’m continuously impressed with what the hobbyDB team are doing for collectors like me and for the hobby overall.”


Bruce Pascal
Book Author on Hot Wheels

See Bruce’s Rose Rear Load Beach Bomb listed for sale on The Toy Peddler


Cletus Seldin
Youtube channels on Funko and other pop culture (and we believe the Guinness Book record holder for the largest Funko collection)

“I believe hobbyDB is going to be a worldwide sensation within the collecting community.”


Fabio Di Pane Masi
Founder of Diecastlovers

“hobbyDB has been a fantastic home for our Diecastlovers community! Tante Grazie!”


Jennifer & Marc Millhollin
Organizer of the Official Hot Wheels conventions

See the Official Archive of The Hot Wheels Annuals Convention


Jim Cowen
CEO of Automodello & Diecasm

“hobbyDB is unparalleled as a model car database – it’s my go-to place for checking to see which cars have been modeled and which haven’t!”

See the Automodello Official Archive on hobbyDB


Mac Ragan
Designer of Johnny Lightning & GreenLight models

“As a toy-car designer (Johnny Lightning and GreenLight brands), collector (1:64 die-cast), and author, I find the international scope of hobbyDB invaluable. For me, the company provides a great research tool and I hope it continues to grow. I rely on it more and more every year!”


Manny Ruiz
CEO Nostalgiacon

“As the founder of a NostalgiaCon events platform that itself leverages all things retro and collectible, I both see the boundless opportunities for hobbyDB and for its owners (me!).”


Matt Oldweiler
Founder of Geepeekay

“I love what Alex and her team at HobbyDB are building for collectors. The creation of a flexible collection-management tool that is not only flexible and robust, but also easily integrated into my site, is something that has never existed before!”


Mike Horn
Founder of Palisades Toys  &  Inductee Pop Culture Hall of Fame

“hobbyDB is the tool that I had been waiting for! I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to become a shareholder as it brings value to all of the players in the collectibles space: IP Owners, Product Makers, and (most importantly) Fans! We’re just getting started here!”


William Taylor
Director Auto-Archives  &  Publisher, Coterie-Press Motorcar Publishing

“We are working on plans to document Auto-Archives 300,000 objects on hobbyDB and Coterie-Press is hosting its official archive on the site giving us lots of extra exposure. I love the hobbyDB vision and am proud of being part of making it happen.”

See the Coterie Press Official Archive on hobbyDB (Auto-Archives is still work in progress)


Join us and learn more about the hobbyDB mission and vision at our Wefunder Profile.

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