TTP has for many years been the GO TO site for all your Diecast needs (20+!) and with the rise in popularity with VINTAGE HOT WHEELS REDLINES, we decided to “give back” to our members that have made TTP what it is today. TTP now offers FREE REDLINE LISTING.

How long this special continues, depends on YOU.

We are growing our REDLINE CATEGORIES again, and we want to let you know we offer other FREE perks with listing on The Toy Peddler that you may not know about.

Key Diecast pieces (not just Redlines) get promoted worldwide on Social Media on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. This includes a pic and a link to your sales… free!

And we get your items SOLD!


Here are the categories that are FREE to list in, not just cars, but EVERYTHING REDLINE RELATED!


Hot Wheels 68-77, Redlines



We would also like you show you what kind of value you get when you sell your VINTAGE REDLINE ERA items on TTP for FREE.


These below are recent sales that occurred during our FREE LISTING.

We want to break down the costs involve if these items had sold on eBay— including the new TAX requirements now implemented on eBay.

We will use the tax percentage for a highly populated state, CA for example, which is currently at 8.26%



Here is a sample cost breakdown if these items were sold on eBay, AND what it will cost you as a buyer with the new tax requirements :

Now here is a cost breakdown of these same items that were sold on The Toy Peddler:






If you would like to calculate yourself what it would cost to sell on eBay, and see what it would cost to buy there with the newly implemented tax laws, please click HERE. 


Remember, The Toy Peddler offers free advertisement of key pieces on all platforms of Social Media, and sellers also have the option of contacting admin and asking for specific items they are selling to be advertised (time permitted).



I would LOVE TO HEAR SOME FEEDBACK ON THIS! We are always receptive to members ideas… over the past year most changes that have happened at TTP were members suggestions!




Feel free to contact me at:


The Toy Peddler… we are Diecast!

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