Super Rare Hot Wheels found! HK White enamel Camaro

It’s the “Holy Grail” of collectibles.

It’s crazy how a small packaging error can translate into a six-figure price tag 50 years later, but that’s what happened with one recently discovered Hot Wheels Joel Magee, The Toy Scout who has appeared on shows such as Pawn Stars, found the white enamel Hong Kong Chevy Camaro Hot Wheels. It’s valued at more than $100,000. What makes it rare is that it wasn’t supposed to reach customers. It was a prototype for designers who’d coat the new cars in white enamel to check for imperfections. Only a few were known to have reached retailers.


The Chevy Camaro is one of the original 16 models Mattel made in 1968 for the Hot Wheels, adding to the car’s exclusivity, and it’s considered one of the three most desirable Redline Hot Wheels – Hot Wheels manufactured between 1968 and 1977. Magee found it in a collection of other Hot Wheels, and, after consulting with a Hot Wheels expert, confirmed its rarity. It’s believed to be the only one in existence, and only the Olds 442 and The Beach Bomb rank with the Camaro in rarity.




“I’ve collected toys forever and this Hot Wheels Camaro is the Holy Grail of collectibles,” said Magee. “I am beyond excited to have found it to add to my vast collection. This car is so extremely rare that there is only one known example which is this one.” He added that it sold for 59 cents new, and now it’s worth $100,000 or more.


Now that Magee knows the rare Hot Wheels he has, it’ll join his unique toy collection to tour the country. If you have a box of old – really old – Hot Wheels, then now might be the right time to dig through it and see if there’s anything of value. Don’t expect a big payday. If the rarest of the rare Hot Wheels is worth $100,000, anything else won’t help you reach early retirement.




Can a Hot Wheels Car that Fits in the Palm of Your Hand Be Worth More than $100,000?

West Palm Beach, Florida – (February 5, 2020) – One of the rarest finds in toy collecting history was discovered by America’s Toy Scout, Joel Magee. A Hot Wheels Camaro dating to 1968 and verified as the first Hong Kong enamel white example ever found was acquired by Magee and now stands alone as the only one in the world. The white prototype Camaro is three of the most desirable Redline Hot Wheels collectible cars in the world. Found in a set of several other Hot Wheels cars, it wasn’t until Joel examined the collection and consulted a Hot Wheels expert that he was able to confirm that the lone white Camaro was, in fact, the rarest of rare.

The Enamel White Prototype Custom Camaro Hot Wheels car was one of the original 16 models produced by Mattel in 1968. The enamel white variant is a prototype because with all new cars, designers would coat them with an enamel white coat to check for imperfections. Only a few were known to be mistakenly packaged and released to retailers. This car is extremely rare to find at all, let alone in good condition.

This is the third rarest Hot Wheels car and the only one believed to exist. . The Beach Bomb and the Olds 442 are the only other rare Hot Wheels on the level of the white enamel Hong Kong Camaro.

“I’ve collected toys forever and this Hot Wheels Camaro is the Holy Grail of collectibles. I am beyond excited to have found it to add to my vast collection. This car is so extremely rare that there is only one known example which is this one. Imagine something that originally sold for 59 cents now being worth upwards of $100,000! Wow! – Joel Magee, America’s Toy Scout

merica’s Toy Scout, Joel Magee has made toys his life. As a regular on the hit show, “Pawn Stars,” and a frequent guest on local television and radio media across the country, Magee has rightfully earned the name “America’s Toy Scout.” He is the perfect guest for segments and an expert on all things toys. Magee boasts the rarest toy collection in the world. As a young child who spotted a G.I. Joe lunchbox during a trip to a local flea market, Magee knew his quest for the best toys was about to begin. Since then Magee has scoured the world for the rarest toys he could find. Hot Wheels, Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Barbie, Transformers, Disney, Monster toys, television related toys, Godzilla and so much more. The collection which takes up thousands of square feet, is one that will shake a nostalgic tone and bring about several “AHA” moments.

The rare Hot Wheels will be added to Magee’s rare collection of toys and will tour with him throughout the country at upcoming toy fairs, media appearances and appraisal events.



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Newly added pics of the HKWE Camaro.

The dark interior Lincoln and the white enamel Cord were also part of this “find”.



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9 thoughts on “Super Rare Hot Wheels found! HK White enamel Camaro

    1. This guy is dodgy as hell. I’ve also purchased from him and found the images were nothing like the car I received – lots of chips and damage so my only guess is photoshop. I wouldn’t trust him. Thousands of others have had the same experience as me so I’m not alone. He had to start a new ebay name/account as they had so much negative feedback. If he was as good as he claims then this would not happen and also their solution to complaints is to block buyers from future purchases when something is not right. They don’t work to resolve issues. I wouldn’t believe this find to be authentic. Given that there are lots of ways to recreate such a car there is no way to prove its authenticity. This is no different to trying to verify the authenticity of the long searched for Matchbox Landrover Superfast transitional in blue #12. The only true verifiable one would be one that is sold in a blister pack with the original box in the blister pack that has not been opened/untampered.

      This is probably just marketing hype for this guy. As others have said he is known for taking advantage of people and not worth any air time.

    2. Hello I’m just wondering about the white Hong Kong prototype camaro, I was going through my redlines and found a white Hong Kong Camaro with deep dish wheels and light blue interior. Does anyone know any information on this car. Any insight on it will be gladly appreciated. Thanks

    3. Still have this White Camaro? I am a collector from London England and would gladly pay you the $100,000 US for this car. I have been searching for one for many years. Thank, Esq, Latine

  1. Sorry Im not convinced with the legitimacy of this car, too many red flags. 

    First flag is the beholder of the car. I have been on eBay since 1999 and so 
    viewed hundreds of auctions from this operation. Its always the same thing, 
    minimal description and more importantly poor picture quality. This day in
    age good pictures are very obtainable and with a business of this caliber they
    could and should be provided. 

    Mr Magee states: 

    “I’ve collected toys forever” and “add to my vast collection”

    Really? I had no idea any collecting was going on other than collecting cash. 

    As for the car itself, I dont like the unusual wear to the black roof being inconsistent
    with the rest of the white paint. Also dont like the post spins, especially the front.
    In addition, the roughness in the wheel wells appears man made and unlike the
    US counterpart. 

    Without authentication from a trusted source, this car remains illegitimate in my mind. 

    My opinion regardless if flamed for it. 


  2. This is total BS. Get the thing verified by experts before you make your claims or put a price on it. This guy is a seller, not a collector, and this is just a way to drive people over to his sales.

  3. Disregarding the discrepancies for the moment…how or who is putting such a valuation on this model? The infamous (and verified) pink rear loader Beach Bomb would only now be in the 100K range for valuation. Other white enamel Camaros, albeit US models but confirmed, are valued somewhere between 5K and 10K as I recall…nowhere near 100K. I think the valuation is quite ambitious, to be polite.

  4. I have collected for 20 plus years. I have problems with not only the owner , but with the piece itself . This is my opinion…the black roof is incorrect for several reasons . The post spins on the car seem incorrect . Who put the price on the piece ? The many casting flaws that this piece(white Camaro’s) are known to have… or lack of on this piece….is also in question . Seems to me….this is a self promotion…..the owner doesn’t have a good name in the collector circles…….and has been known to photo shop some of his sales …or someone in his sales or photo department if not Joel personally.I personally have bought several cars from Joel in the past , have been disappointed on what I was sent, compared to the sale pics,and again…..personally would not buy from this salesman EVER again . Car looks like to me to be an on chassis repaint , at some point in its life…then the black roof was added….very simple to do…..I have been in the automotive body/paint business for 30 plus years….this is not to hard to do …… I would also agree…..” Without authentication from a trusted source, this car remains illegitimate in my mind. “…Unless Mattel authenticates the find…..I also call BS…..just another bad mark on the collector market . It’s a shame that he should be allowed to make this claim .I wish Mattel would get involved….but I doubt that will ever happen….hope this never finds it’s way to the collector….but fear that it will at some point . Buyer beware ! “Know as much as you can about whatever you collect”…..This is my personal opinion….not meant to slander or defame .

  5. I’m a little late to the party here but I also have to call BS. That’s knowing nothing about the finder and having no bias. The posts are significantly different then any of the known/recognized HK Prototypes and resembles posts of cars produced later. Likewise all other HK protos had Camaro on the base along with the lack of the Pat Pending. It wasn’t until later that the name was changed to Custom Camaro in the base and the Pat Pending was added. Lastly, the crisp edges of the black paint (where not worn) are significantly different then the sprayed, non taped edges of typical HK prototypes. Not to mention the fact the black has significant wear yet the white underneath is almost pristine. But what so I know. I’ve never even seen a RL Camaro in person and only bought my first original RL about 18 months ago but I’d bet my whole collection that one of us is full of it 🤣

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