The Future of The Toy Peddler



Over 23 years, The Toy Peddler has always been the BEST alternative to eBay. With inexpensive upfront fees, no taxes for buyers, and a ton of exposure for your items all over the internet, TTP will always be here for the Diecast community.

As with any website, over the years, the underlying tech that powers TTP has become dated and less efficient. So it’s time for us to fix the underlying tech so that you can continue to use the site without any interruptions. The things you love about TTP will stay the same, and after the update, we’ll be able to add the features you’ve asked for in the past that will make your buying and selling experience easier and more awesome. Here is what’s staying the same and what’s coming:


Credits are here to stay

TTP listing credits are here to stay! We know that purchasing upfront listing credits is what sets TTP apart from other sales sites. Paying up-front makes it easier to stay on your budget, and the ability to send an invoice AFTER a sale keeps shipping costs simple. That’s why the listing credit method is here to stay!


Listing Items for Sale

Listing on TTP has always been super easy. The good news is you’ll be able to continue listing as you do now, or you can try a new way – 

One of the best things about using the hobbyDB system is that you can (but don’t have to) tie your TTP listings to different items in the vast HDB database. This will give your sales listing more exposure to worldwide collectors who use the catalog for researching and managing their collection. As mentioned above, this isn’t a new TTP requirement though, so if you want to list your items on TTP the same way you have been, you can! Your items will still show up in the marketplace like normal. 


Take advantage of wish lists

Now members can take advantage of “wish lists”.   Since there is no way to manage your collection on the old TTP, you now can benefit from having a “wish list”.    “Wish lists” help buyers keep track of the items they want, and they will get an email whenever one pops up for sale! “Wish lists” also benefit sellers, as it’s another way for you to get new buyers. Say somebody is passionate about purple and is only missing the 7th Annual Convention Hot Wheels Newsletter give-away variant.  Once it is added to that user’s wish list and it comes up for sale –

The buyer gets an email and the seller probably made one of her/his fastest sales ever!


Facebook Integration – Sell more through Facebook

Sell your items though Facebook too! With the hobbyDB-Facebook integration, you can post your TTP sales items directly to your Facebook posts. There will be a preview link that will take viewers directly to your sales. From there it will be an easy check out for them!  This simple but very powerful tool helps your promoted listings on Facebook stand out above the rest. This tool also has the added advantage that will show the status of the item, so you wont get hit with a ton of messages after the item has sold!

Barcode Scanner App – Now in Beta

Very soon you will be able to scan ANY barcode. If that barcode matches a UPC in our huge database, the item will immediately load in your web browser.

From there you will be able to do some awesome things, like add it to your collection, offer it for sale or do some research on the details of the item. And best of all you will be able to see the CURRENT market value.

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